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We specialize in Advanced Road Weather Information Systems, Automated Weather Observation System, Fixed Automated Spray Technology and more...


Here is a summary of the systems we specialize in:

Advanced Road Weather Information Systems (ARWIS)

An ARWIS system is a network of meteorological and pavement sensors which are located in strategic locations to provide accurate real-time road weather information and critical observations for forecasts. The data is collected and then sent to a central computer where other work stations can access this information.

Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS)

An AWOS system measures and collects weather data to help meteorologists, pilots and flight dispatchers prepare and monitor weather forecasts, plan flight routes, and provide necessary information for correct takeoffs and landings. A computer-generated voice message, broadcast to pilots in the vicinity of the airport. The message is updated at least once a minute.

Fixed Automated Spray Technology (FAST)

A FAST system is usually found on bridges. This system automatically sprays an anti-icing liquid onto the pavement before frost and black ice or snow start to accumulate.The FAST systems consist of an ARWIS station that provides sensor data, and computer logic systems to trigger the spray when icing conditions are anticipated.

Fixed Automatic Spray Technology

Human Weather Observation System (HWOS)

An HWOS system allows weather observers to record and report aviation and synoptic weather observations.

Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)

An ILS system is a ground-based instrument approach system that provides precision guidance to an aircraft approaching and landing on a runway enabling a safe landing during instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), such as low ceilings or reduced visibility due to fog, rain, or blowing snow.

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