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A FAST system is usually found on bridges. This system automatically sprays an anti-icing liquid onto the pavement before frost and black ice or snow start to accumulate.The FAST systems consist of an ARWIS station that provides sensor data, and computer logic systems to trigger the spray when icing conditions are anticipated.
Fixed Automatic Spray Technology

  • Experienced installers and service contractors of Boschung and SSI FAST systems.
  • Have installed all of the FAST systems in Ontario. 9 in total if you count the 2 at Pearson.
  • CSI has more installation and maintenance experience than any other company in North America.
  • FAST systems work best as a proactive solution to anti-icing.
  • Provides an economic use of less corrosive, more environmentally friendly non-chloride based chemicals.
  • Provides anti-icing to remote areas where road maintenance crews may not be able to get too quickly.
  • System provides invaluable real time information to maintenance dispatch including a full array of atmospheric data, road state and chemical freeze points.
  • We provide warranties on all systems we install.
  • CSI coordinates troubleshooting and repair. We can supply replacement components, perform repairs and in some cases provide our own traffic control.
  • Effective solution to problem accident sites.
  • Reduces accidents without additional harmful chemicals.

Caring About Your Safety

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